I just received the angelic assistance attunement from Leya for some issues that have been very troubling to me. It was fantastic. I feel like a knot of worry that I’ve held in my abdomen has released. I feel so much better for having had this energy work. Thank you Leya.  ~ Ray

Thank you for helping me with my pets. Within two hours of you doing special energy work for me to find Siloh and Jasper, I found both of them!!!! Thank you so much. ~ Kevin

Hello I have been a Reiki Master for 20 years. I decided to explore and learn from different lineages to develop a better understanding of how Reiki is evolving and changing with time. I ordered Reiki I,II,& III from Leya. Her attunements are amazing and incredibly powerful. I am deeply impressed with Leya’s energy work and would recommend her to anyone. ~ Kevy

I requested Leya do energy work for one of the feral cats that I feed because he had a swollen foot and I needed to get him to a vet ASAP.  Ferals are not easy to catch, nor can I just pick him up and put him in a carrier, so I asked Leya to help me get him in a carrier, be seen by the vet and healing for him.  To my great surprise, he came into the apartment and I was able to lure him into the carrier so easily, I couldn’t believe it!  Turns out, he got bitten by a SNAKE.  The vet treated him and we also got him neutered with shots while he was there… he’s well on his way to recovery now and is staying in the apartment with me. Thank you, Leya, for the awesome gift that you have!  ~ Carol

I have a chronic medical condition, which produces very erratic symptoms and when I asked Leya for distance energy work I really did not know what to expect. She did the work quite late at night, and all I can say is I was amazed by the powerful effect the treatment had on me, with my symptoms much improved the following day, not to mention getting a much more restful sleep than usual. Thank you Leya, you’re a Star!  ~ Eva

I’m very thankful for this service I saw results in less than one week in my business and home blessings! ~ Carmen

Thank you so much for sending me Reiki. I really needed it when I requested and it was very powerful, soothing, and calming. I was really feeling bad when I asked for help and your wonderful energy really soothed my aching heart and soul. Thank you so much. ~ Kevin

Was honestly not thinking of assistance from anyone today but THANK YOU…
~ Brandi

I received Reiki services with a reading. In a few days I already felt the difference. I was sad, depressed, crying all the time and I noticed that I wasn’t crying any longer and I felt the sense of being more positive and feeling like I got myself together. I feel in my heart what I need will be here soon. Without a doubt this is the real deal. Such compassion. I recommend this service. ~ Alice

You are a powerful healer. Thank You! I feel more calm and better. Thank You, Michael

Last week I ordered a card reading from Leya and among other things, she said there would be a new baby come into my life.  Well, two days ago, my sister-in-law informed me that my niece is expecting a baby boy!!  Leya was right on!
– CJ

Additional – Well, I DID get a new baby that came into MY life…. I forgot all about it, but it was my little kitten that I adopted at 4 days old (he’s now 7 months old) and I named him BABY!!!! I forgot all about your reading, Leya! WOW!
~ CJ

I requested help from Leya for an increase in income and the very next day, I got FOUR orders, one right after another!  Awesome how she works!  ~ Carol

Leah’s fairy card readings are so wise, useful and accurate to the minute! I live in Australia and have made life decisions on them. The issues revealed are absolutely those emerging in my life at the present moment, with future wisdom and advice. Go for it! – Julie

Leya and I talked by email the morning she did the reading, so she knew nothing about me. She mentioned she does readings, so on a whim, I engaged her. I had never done this before and I didn’t really believe in them. Then I got the report. I was dumbfounded. She hit the nail on many points. For example, she said “You will get married soon” She had no idea I had a girlfriend and we were talking marriage. I highly recommend her.  This was it!  – Kyle, FL

Leya is a real Reiki master, one that you seldom find-I was lucky to know her.
she has helped me so much! ~ Mary

I purchase Leya’s reiki for my mother who has a chronic health condition. She always seems to improve and thrive during those weeks when Leya transmits her healing energy across the oceans to Oz! Thank you Leya, you have an amazing gift. 😀 Julie

Last night Leya help me when I was sick with the flu… I woke up feeling sooo much better…the nausea and chills are gone and I’m making a come-back!  That energy really kicked in last night after she did her stuff… I couldn’t believe it…. I had so much energy, I cleaned out the refrigerator!!!  Geez, Louise!  LOLOLOL  Thanks again!  ~ Carol

I asked Leya to do some Reiki for financial increase and to help get more orders in my business.  The very next day, orders started flooding in!  I was amazed :))  Thank you for your awesome services, Leya.   – Jean, CA

Thank you Leah, for a fantastic health Reiki … For the first time in months, I’ve felt relief from a sore back issue that is receiving regular chiro care. I also felt relief over a horrendous month long bout of bronchitis … Always a pleasure to receive your healing touch. Thank you and bless you. – Julie, Brisbane Australia

I felt Leya’s Reiki right away and I did feel a shift in my energy. I was aware she would be sending it, but I knew without her telling me, very strong. I also had angel card reading and it gave me so much to work on and with. The reading I find is something I can refer to long after the actual event. Thank you. – Elaine Garfield

As a Psychic Intuitive, Certified Professional Hypnotist, Metaphysical Minister, and Reiki Master, I can attest to Leya’s abilities and handling of this Universal Sacred Energy for help me to feel better and much more healthy all over. She is a great lady.  Please check her out. – David Phelps

I have worked with Leya on numerous occasions and always with positive results. I like working with her because she always goes that extra mile and makes me feel special as if I was her only client. She is wonderful and comes highly recommended. One of my favorite energy work she did for me made me over $1000 in massage income in a two week span. woo hoo! – Claudio Lopez

Leya has very strong Reiki energy. My life began improving very shortly after she sent the Reiki. I can see great results and things are really falling into place, with some lifetime goals unfolding. She is also very reasonable and accessible. She responded immediately and sent the Reiki very shortly thereafter. She has also followed up with me, which I greatly appreciate.
– Valerie Mann

I just received the DNA 4 success, I was very happy with the attunement, I felt the energy right away, it helped me feel really good, I recommend it to everyone. I have had several card readings from her also and she was right on! I will continue ordering from Leya. Thank-you!  – Vickie Miles

I found your Reiki energy services and since it was only $10, I decided to order to see if you could help my financial situation.  Within 24 hrs after ordering, I got TONS of online sales worth more than $200!  The orders are STILL rolling in!  I was STUNNED and still am, but it WORKED!  Thank you sooo much!   Also, I used Leya’s services for a bad shoulder problem that was hurting me.  After she did her stuff, the pain disappeared… WOW!  It works!!!!  Try it yourself!  – Carol

If you can DREAM it, Leya can REIKI it into your life! 

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